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Plastic Mini Dishes

Plastic Mini Dishes and Cups

Are you putting together a big, huge event with plenty of guests? Throwing a
Wedding, a big corporate get-together event. a bar mitzvah, a Birthday Party, a sports celebration or just a big dinner party with friends? If you are, it's important that you make it look amazing - and that you make sure to keep the budget under control. Glassware and other types of solid serving dishes look and feel tremendous, but they cost a pretty penny.
So, how can you keep the costs down? One way to keep your finances in order is to use plastic tableware and plastic dishes! They look great, and they're incredibly cost-effective - and Sweet Flavor's got plenty of styles for you! Bring in some of our
Disposable Mini Dishes made out of plastic to serve appetizer dishes to your guests at a wedding. Serve your guests an entree meal on an Elegant Plastic Plate or one of our Black Plastic Plates - they look great and they do just as good a job as a Porcelain or a Glassware dish. These classy plastic plates that look real will be the hit of the party.


You can also bring in stylish clear plates made out of plastic to serve your delicious meals to party guests! They'll love it, and you'll save plenty of dough on the expenses. Plastic fancy mini cutlery makes for elegant wedding supplies, too - everyone there will love the look and the feel of the cutlery. You can even stock plastic cups and glasses for drinks (try our mini martini glass or the plastic flutes) and spoons for serving! Oh, and disposal is a breeze, too. There's no need for washing or drying or re-stacking; all you have to do is throw the plastic away when you're done with it! It's an amazing serving solution for any type of event that you might have. 


Sweet Flavor brings you a wide selection of options in Plastic Tableware and plastic dishes, all made with incredible quality and at extremely affordable prices. Go ahead, browse our online catalog to find the supplies that are perfect for your next event! Oh, and click on our "Live Help" tab if you have any questions, and our experts can help you find the answer! 

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