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Glass Mini Serving Pieces

Party Glass

Nothing adds that perfect sense of luxury and class like beautiful, crystal-clear
Glassware. Having the right type of glassware will impress your any guest at your next event - whether it's a catered Party, a dinner night with some couples, drinks and Hors d'Oeuvres with co-workers and colleagues, or a casual get-together with friends.

If you've spent the dough on top-notch food and drink, or you've worked for hours to create magic in the kitchen, then why serve it on something boring? There's plenty of flavor on the plate or in the glass - and the presentation should reflect that! Nothing highlights the dishes and refreshments you've worked so hard to put together than the brilliant opaqueness and look of glassware, and Sweet Flavor has the quality selection and the quality prices to bring this look to your home or your next event.

There are plenty of different options out there for any event that could be put on! In charge of planning a wedding, getting Wedding Supplies or tying the knot yourself? You need some wedding glassware, Glass Dinnerware and serving sets! Impress all of the guests with drinks served in fashionable, clear carat Cocktail wedding Glasses or delicious food served on a glass tray. Have the boss and all of your co-workers coming over for a get-together dinner? Earn plenty of kudos and a nice pat on the back with some finger-foods served on a beautiful glass serving tray (hey, it won't hurt on your next corporate review). Planning on having some friends over for the big game? Mix up some drinks and serve them in one of our fabulous disco glasses for a rollicking fun time. Having a fancy sit-down dinner party? Earn some oohs and aahs by decorating the table with the Vertigo Glass Pyramid, or serve some sweet treats in a lovely glass dessert bowl. Or, just stock your bar or kitchen with the appealing frosted shot glasses, tubs, bowls and mini bowls. Glass catering materials are ideal for impressing at any sort of event, too! Pick up these Catering Supplies and you’ll be sure to wow any guests that might show up.



Ready to pick out some glassware? Check out our catalog here and figure out what you need - look to find the right size for the dishes you're going to serve, and figure out just how formal you'd like the event to be! Sweet Flavor has just the right type of glassware in our online Catalogs, ideal for filling all of your drinking and dining needs. Have any questions? Shoot us an e-mail or chat with us via our interactive online system! Oh, and don't forget to check out all of the other fine products we offer!


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